Hello world!

October 19, 2009

So, I finally did it!  I have created my very own blog.  Suddenly I feel very sophisticated, like one of the ladies in “Sex and the City” or “Girlfriends”. I believe I have a lot to say and others tell me I  am pretty opionated and I think that makes for good blogging.  …I’m having a hard time deciding the theme of this venture.   I could write about politics, or health and fitness… or relationships or I could just write about it all..  Yes,  I think I will.  It ‘s settled I will  write about life, love, God, and everything in between.   I hope you will stay with me (shoot, there I go sounding like a desperate girlfriend)  I am looking forward to having you to talk to and of course I welcome what you have to say in return. I promise not to pull any punches, or sugar coat what I believe is the truth but I will always speak it in love. So, Hello World! ….. There is nothing we can’t talk about….”I’m just sayin.”