Hello world!

So, I finally did it!  I have created my very own blog.  Suddenly I feel very sophisticated, like one of the ladies in “Sex and the City” or “Girlfriends”. I believe I have a lot to say and others tell me I  am pretty opionated and I think that makes for good blogging.  …I’m having a hard time deciding the theme of this venture.   I could write about politics, or health and fitness… or relationships or I could just write about it all..  Yes,  I think I will.  It ‘s settled I will  write about life, love, God, and everything in between.   I hope you will stay with me (shoot, there I go sounding like a desperate girlfriend)  I am looking forward to having you to talk to and of course I welcome what you have to say in return. I promise not to pull any punches, or sugar coat what I believe is the truth but I will always speak it in love. So, Hello World! ….. There is nothing we can’t talk about….”I’m just sayin.”

13 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Angelas Son says:

    I’m proud of you mom, wanted to be the first to tell you.

    • Thank you Terrence. You are my fruit! I just want to let you know that everytime I speak with you I taste and see that you are good, and it makes me so very grateful to God because he has always been with us(you and me) from the beginning and even now…

  2. Hi Angela! Well… We already keep up with each other on facebook so of course I will follow you on your blog!! 🙂 Thanks for the invite! Feel free to discuss any topic that falls into your spirit!

    • Shera, Thank you so much for visiting the blog, I will have new posts up every week and I plan to speak about whatever is on my heart. Young ladies like yourself are the very motivation that drives my sharing and I hope that if you see the power in it, you will invite your friends to join us…

  3. Michelle says:

    Can’t wait to hear what you have to share. Where to start???? Where to start???? Girl you’ve got a lifetime of wisdom that will benefit all of us. Glad to see that this powerful, confident, expressive friend of mine is back in the saddle.

  4. curtis says:

    Wow….Totally speechless. Your words were moving!!! I’m in awe of your talent. You are very gifted!!! You took me back to River Park Drive!!!! ……..I’m not one who can convey my feeling in words (im a CPA….go figure) But that was Awesome

    • Curtis,
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. I am so very proud of the thoughtful elegant man you have become. I am so extremely happy to see all the strong men and women making their way who have been borne from our family tree and the branches we called Mamma(Janie)and Daddy (Ernest)

  5. Charles says:


    welcome to the world of BLOGS!

    i am fashionable late, as is my usual habit.

    i eagerly await the floodgates of that wellspring of profundity that was bought and paid for in life’s crucible, to open and wash over us all.

    many of us are baptized in tears, and seek the comfort and society of kindred spirits.

    now if you could JUST learn to “bump your kitchen” properly, and perhaps secure a digestable macaroni and cheese recipe, we might be on to something here.

    love you.


    • Miki says:

      Charles… you are hilarious!!!! Though you may not have known it, your humor has kept me chuckling for years. I fully expect that one day, we’ll finally meet so I can tell you in person… “Thanks for giving my best friend so many moments of cheezy – gut-busting laughter.” I hear that you’re a great writer so I hope to see some of your offerings on here. We would love to hear a male perspective as well.

  6. charles, my brother and my friend

    yes there are many of us who have been baptized in tears and proven in fire..this is what God promised that even in the midst of these things he would be with us always, never forsaking us…I have learned that he shows up in the funniest places at the funniest times through the most unlikely people..
    after all “he told me to be yo friend” keep reading my blog i value your opinion.
    by the way, i really like my hair nappy and dairy is not good for black folk!

    love you back,

  7. Lucia Staton says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wish I were able to express myself so wisely and poetically. I am looking forward to learning more.

    • Lucia, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my articles. I really feel strongly about encouraging women especially the 20 somethings age group. I remember being a chaotic time for me emotionally…. I value my relationships with women especially those who have experiences that I can learn from, that is why meeting you was such a treat…lets make sure we keep up with each other

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